Challenge Me

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In light of the recent Corona outbreak, I have found myself with a lot of time on my hands. However, the payback of this is losing all my upcoming photography contracts.

So, to keep busy, and to keep food on my plate, I am proposing a personal challenge!

Challenge me to create any photo you like.

However, there is a catch. Perhaps you’ve noticed the need for a new picture to brighten your home; or you want to spruce up your office when you’re finally allowed back? If you approve of the finished piece, then please buy it. Discounted prices will be available to the challenger!

A digital copy will be 18.00 GBP** (24.00 for non-challenger).

A printed copy will be accompanied by a free digital copy*, with prices yet to be set. I am currently establishing relationships with environmentally sustainable printing companies. I’m hoping to print on canvas, metal, framed and more.

Please browse through my portfolio to see what I can do; what ideas can you muster!?

Perhaps a theme, a location, an object or subject, a digital creation, collages, abstracts. Get as broad or particular, and creative as you like!

You set the idea and the rules! I just have a few guidelines:

1. I’d like to keep it legal!

Please bear in mind the current lock-down and travel restrictions. I am based in the county of Essex, UK.

2. This is something for me to do, perhaps a way to learn and grow by trying new things. However, like everyone else, I also need to earn, and eat!

Please only challenge me if you are willing to purchase the final product.

3. I will be using Instagram and Twitter as the main social media platforms for this challenge. To get involved, please use the two hashtags:

#challengerob #photochallengerob

And tag IG: @robhudsonphotography; Twitter: @RobNDRP

Please get in touch via the button to the right!

* A digital copy is intended for read and display purposes only, including social media; but no ownership rights will be given. Same will apply to all free digital copies, which will include a watermark.

** British Pound Sterling. Prices based on a discounted hourly rate, plus a charitable donation, and incl. VAT.