SOTW: ‘Jungle’ by Tash Sultana


Opening the show, the first ever “song of the week” goes to the amazing Australian newcomer, Tash Sultana. Her most popular single to date being the reggae infused, psychedelic thrill that is ‘Jungle’.


First Impression

It’s one of those ‘I remember where I was’ type situations for me. Last summer, I was living in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. It must have been July and I was driving into work in the mid-morning. I owned an old Dodge Caravan; it was built before anyone knew what an mp3 was, let alone an auxiliary cord. The tape deck didn’t work either, so I was always resigned to listening to the radio.

I discovered a lot of new music that way.  Even more of which will probably be featured here at some point! But back to the story, I’m driving to work and it’s a scorcher of a day. The windows are down, the traffic is moving, there’s a nice breeze and then this song comes on the radio. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

For not the first time I broke the law, going directly against my own morals, grabbing my phone to open up the ‘Shazam‘ app. I knew the song was a rare gem and I wasn’t going to let it get away! It was like a phenomenal moment in nature. Because, do you grab the camera and risk missing it, or just sit back and indulge in the spectacle? As a photographer that’s often a dilemma I face, but hey, we’re getting off track now!


Her Sound

Tash Sultana can be described as a one woman band. She plays multiple instruments including strings, wind and percussion, using loop pedals and electronic equipment to give a full band sound. Her monumental vocals span an impressive range from Macy Gray to London Grammar’s Hannah Reid, or Prince even! Oh, she occasionally raps too.

I’ve been watching her live performances on ‘YouTube‘ and they’re incredible! She blends alternative rock with reggae, psychedelic and lo-fi influences. I can’t say that it’s a totally unique sound, but it certainly is one of the most refreshing re-imaginings that I have ever heard.

I really hope she reaches the big time, just so I can say, “I was there, man!”

You can see some of her live performances here:

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