SOTW: Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin’ ”

Or; “You are not entitled to anything, but you deserve the world!”


Well duh. It won’t take a rocket scientist to work out why this is my song of the week. But it was inspired by a rather interesting article that I read. Following a link from Twitter, it was titled: 7 Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World. Definitely written by an American for Americans, it can still be interpreted globally.


Painting perhaps a bit of a grim picture, depending on your viewpoint. It highlights various problems the recession may cause for certain industries – especially travel/hospitality/tourism, commercial real estate, and international trade. It also has an interesting focus on the obvious changes for health services and pharmaceuticals; yet also universities and of course remote working. The final point, a long-term prediction for global cooperation, was definitely wise to be saved for last.


But it got me thinking about all the other changes that have happened, both in my lifetime and before. Will this just become another catalytic step in an evolved industrial revolution?



There will be a lot of job losses, a lot of businesses closing, and hopefully far less entitlement and taking things for granted. Yes, it is sad, especially for those individuals involved. But we will survive, we must move on, and we will be stronger and wiser for it. What we need to ensure we do not do, is leave those behind who are struggling.


A classic example I can think of is the liquidation and collapse of Blockbuster. It was always thrilling to go to the “video store” on a Thursday or Friday evening, selecting your picks for the weekend. When we lived together in Queenstown, we often made the trek (which was half the fun) to our local video rental shop. My friend Robin bounded up to me with a tattered DVD case in hand. Late evening and few glasses of wine in, his excitement was permeating. It was a copy of the 1981 cult sci-fi classic Outland.


“What’s it about?” I enquired. “I dunno!” he responded, “But it’s Sean Connery… in space… with a shotgun!”

“Yup, GEDDIT!”


I miss those moments, but I need to remember to be happy to have had those experiences. And for those who will be too young to remember, well then they will have nothing to miss. The world moves forward at a very fast pace now and you often hear the sad stories of those who are left behind.


Well here is my controversial opinion: it is not the fault of the pioneers. Their accomplishments are so beneficial for humanity; as long as they respect Mother Earth of course. They allow us to do more, to be more, to have more and to think more. By ‘have’, I should iterate that this refers to opportunities, rather than material possessions and self-entitlement. And now I will reiterate: what we need to not do, is leave those behind who are struggling.


A clash of seasons; Maine, USA


But reading the aforementioned article really snapped me out of a slump. Yes, we do have a lot to lose; but we have even more to gain. As long as we are able to work together, carry each other and continue to love and support one another. We will come out of this better, stronger, smarter and with whole range of new opportunities.


This is a reminder that Mother Earth does not need us. We are not her entitled children, but merely her guests. If we do not honour that notion; if we cannot progress to a place where we don’t only cooperate with each other, but with all other life and ecosystems, then a virus might be the least of our worries. Or perhaps just one of many. Either way, not good.


What is good is that the times are a-changin’, and they always will be. But these last thoughts will always stay the same: look forward, think positive, help those in need, respect your environment and stay safe.


Be the change you want to see...


I’d love to know not just what you think our future may be like, but also how we can ensure that it is positive and progressive. Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

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